LincolnUniversityCollege, Petaling Jaya was established in 2002 as Lincoln College (LC) and upgraded in 2011.LincolnUniversityCollegeis one of the premier private institutions of higher education approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA- National Accreditation Board).


To be acclaimed institution of higher learning that is able to cater to the global community.

To be distinguished educational institution that provides world class education for the global market.

To be center of educational excellence that facilitates the unprecedented amassing of knowledge.


LincolnUniversityCollege, is a multilingual, diverse, multicultural institution of higher education that ensures the intellectual, professional advancement, which is free from all types of limitations, all bondage, all littleness, manifestation of latent power of every human being through morality based on strength and synthesis for reverential ethical, social unity and integrity.Lincolnmaintains a proud tradition of research and scholarly activity and prepares its students for career opportunities in a highly competitive, technological and rapidly changing world.

Approval and Recognition