University of the West of England, Bristol
MSc Nuclear Medicine

The full Master's course comprises 180 credits divided into three 60 credits stages: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and Masters. Students work incrementally through the three stages and must pass all modules at each stage in order to progress to the next.

Year one - Postgraduate Certificate

Fundamental Clinical Skills in Nuclear Medicine - A professional practice introduction to the fundamentals of routine practices in nuclear medicine, including imaging protocols and procedures, imaging agents, and being able to distinguish between normal and abnormal image appearances.

Science and Instrumentation in Current Nuclear Medicine Practice - An introduction to basic concepts in nuclear medicine physics, and the interaction between radioactive substances and matter. We also look at current designs for cameras used in nuclear medicine.

Cross-sectional Anatomy for the Nuclear Medicine Practitioner - An overview of the regional anatomy associated with the head, neck and trunk and its relation to nuclear medicine practice. This module also encourages you to investigate disease processes common in the nuclear medicine environment, using cross-sectional data. 

Year two - Postgraduate Diploma

Enhancing Nuclear Medicine Practice - Here we discuss emerging topics in nuclear medicine, in relation to clinical technique, professional practice, and overall impact on patient management.

Evidencing Work Based Learning - Your chance to show the importance of work-based learning, by working alongside your manager or workplace mentor to find the best solutions to specific situational challenges.

Year three – Masters

Health and Social Care Research: Methods and Methodologies - An introduction to current research processes and methodology, highlighting the importance of evidence-based practice in modern healthcare.

Research Dissertation - You will undertake your own piece of contemporary research, which should add to the current nuclear medicine knowledge base.

Mode of Study

The programme will be delivered via on-line mode.


September/ January


Total recommended duration is 36 months.

Entry Requirement

·         a good honours degree from a recognised institution of higher education

·         six months of clinical experience in Nuclear Medicine